FORMERLY IREALLYHATECORNNUTS. I view the world around me with incredulity and astonishment. Did that shit seriously just happen?

but why


It’s finally time! The Trans Woman Makeup Giveaway is upon us! Please reblog to spread the word. Remember, if you’re entering — you can get an extra entry for a reblog.

I want to thank everyone who has generously contributed to this giveaway! You guys made this happen, I’m just the facilitator, so quickly, before I get to the prize stuff, I’d like to mention these wonderful people who helped make this possible:

  • Online Dating is Literally the Worst (NSFW but hilarious) — Donated $25 in Ulta gift cards. Thanks!
  • Devon Wirtz Evil, Inc (Also on etsy) - Donated two eye/lip brush sets, some makeup bags, and some assorted makeup tools. Thanks, Devon!
  • coffeebuddha​ - Donated six brand-new bras. Thanks, coffee!
  • silvermarmot​ - donated assorted makeup and jewelry, despite currently being in financial crisis. If you have a moment, please take a minute to go check out her gofundme page, or signal boost her post about it. Thanks, silver!
  • alyssabethancourt​ - Donated a set of Chi haircair products and assorted makeup. Thanks, Alyssa!
  • My IRL friend Cally - donated a bunch of assorted makeup, a purse, and perfume. Thanks, Cally!

Here is a link to the itemized giveaway package contents. There are four packages.

Just a note: Reblogging does not count as entry into this contest unless you first fill out this form.


  1. You must be trans. Cis people will be disqualified. I might make a random makeup giveaway at some point in the future for everyone, because yay makeup! But right now I’d really like to focus on trans women.
  2. I will not force you to “prove” your trans-ness, but I will ask for a blog, facebook, or twitter URL so that I can …well, weed out the trolls as much as possible. 
  3. The reason for this giveaway’s existence is that trans women are much more likely to be discriminated against in the workplace and economically. Therefore, while I am not banning nonbinary people from entering the giveaway, I DO ask that if you are nonbinary (like me! hi!) you honestly ask yourself if you’re in a situation where you need help for your dysphoria/any anxiety issues that have arisen due to gender identity issues. If yes, then by all means, PLEASE enter the giveaway! If not, I respectfully request that you refrain from entering, so that this stuff can go somewhere where it’s needed.
  4. This contest is not for trans men or drag queens, unless you use drag as a means of working through gender dysphoria/anxiety issues. I do apologize.
  5. You do not have to be following me to enter the giveaway. That’s not what this is about. You’re welcome to, of course, but it will not help or hinder your chances of winning either way.
  6. To enter, you must fill out this Google Form and you must get a confirmation page at the end stating that you have done so. The form asks some basic information (email, name you like to receive snailmail by, name you prefer to go by online, whether you’re trans, etc.) but you will not be required to provide any seriously personal information like your address unless you are contacted as a winner.
  7. Likes do not count, but if you reblog you can earn an extra entry. To get your extra entry you must specify on the form that you reblogged it, and link to the reblog. Only one reblog will count, so please do not spam your followers. You can get a maximum of two entries into this giveaway:.
  8. You must live in the United States or Canada to enter. I’m very sorry, but I’m financing the shipping myself and I just can’t afford to ship overseas. Next time I’ll budget more carefully and try to make it worldwide. (And obviously, you must be cool with giving me your physical address.)
  9. The giveaway will run from Aug. 25, 2014 to Oct. 25, 2014. Winners will be announced by no later than Nov. 2 at 3 p.m. Pacific time, and will be picked via random number generator. 
  10. Entry winners will be contacted via email no later than Oct. 26, 2014. Make sure that when you enter you enter using an email that you check REGULARLY, because you will only have 24 hours to respond with your physical address (I don’t think I’ll be able to ship this much stuff to a PO box, sorry). If you haven’t responded in 24 hours I’ll re-draw someone to take your spot. Prizes will be shipped no later than Nov. 10, 2014, and I’ll try to get a tracking number so you’ll be able to arrange for someone to be home if that’s needed.

Once again, THIS is the link to the Google Form that you have to fill out to enter. Reblogs and likes by themselves DO NOT COUNT.

Good luck!


When we live in a world where you can access free content of naked consenting women in less than 5 seconds, why are people still invading the privacy of non-consenting women for nudes?

Hint: It has something to do with people feeling entitled to making any woman their personal porn, even if it violates or humiliates her in the process.





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housing should be a basic a human right.

people shouldn’t have to “earn” a roof over their heads so that they don’t die in the streets.


why is this so hard for people to understand



no one ever says that Rome needed help from aliens to build their empire

#l laughed for days when i found out that #ancient egyptians used water to reduce friction and move blocks for distances #and that this was literally DEPICTED ON THEIR HIEROGLYPHICS #but ~western archaeologists~ #thought that the pouring of water depicted ~superstitious rituals~ #jfc



When a trans person tells you it’s okay for mistakenly using the wrong name or pronouns, it means the instance is forgiven or dismissed and the conversation can move on. In reality, it still hurts but we say it’s okay because we understand you are making an effort to get it right. This is not an invitation to stop making that effort. You are not the exclusion to the rule.

I’m pretty pissed off at the medical rehabilitation center my dad is currently at.

The facility is just adjacent to a little park that isn’t hospital property. For reasons best known to them, if my dad wants to go out to the park he has to have a babysitter. Hell, if he just wants to go outside to the parking lot he has to have a babysitter.

Now, I get that they’re medically responsible for him but he’s of sound mind and he’s not attached to any medical equipment. Even when my dad was at the ACTUAL HOSPITAL he was allowed to leave the building without a minder, and he was attached to an IV machine he had to take with him. 

Because he’s an actual adult. If they’re worried about malpractice suits, there are waivers where he and a family member signs to acknowledge that anything that happens off the center’s grounds or because of something that occurred off the center’s grounds isn’t their responsibility. That can happen. Mom and I share his power of attorney, we’ll both sign if need be.

The one cool nurse told him that the reason it’s happening is that they don’t want him smoking while he’s out there. They’re trying to control my father’s freedom of movement to prevent him from smoking.

I get that he should quit smoking. He really should. But he doesn’t want to, and that’s his right as a fucking grown-ass adult. He’s not on any medication that could interact with the smoking — I checked and double-checked. He only smokes while he’s out there, never inside. He takes five or ten minutes after the cigarette to air out before entering the building, in case anyone has bad reactions to the smell of tobacco. He’s not mentally incompetent. He’s not even MEDICALLY incompetent. He’s a former nurse, for fuck’s sake.

Why is it that he can say no to a medically-necessary breathing treatment while doped up on Ativan and they respect it, but they won’t respect his right to leave the facilities for a few minutes while fully mentally clear and in the presence of a family member?

I’m going to be writing a letter of complaint to the Board. While I understand that the center deals with some people who have been certified mentally unsound, my father is not one of those people and still has the right to freedom of movement. The other rehab center in town actually has a small smoking area because they recognize that they can’t force patience to not smoke, because they’re grown adults. Why can’t this one acknowledge the same? Now if I want to see my dad and bring Ziva or Buddy to visit with him, I have to go through all sorts of shit while arranging a babysitter.


nothing pisses me off more than the fact that 90% of women’s jeans have non-functioning pockets but baby clothes have proper pockets? what are babies carrying around that i’m not? baby wallets? fuck off

I went on this exact rant at Walmart the other day. I’m glad to see other people have the same feelings that I do.

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